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ADHD Evaluations Specialist

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Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is very common today. Dr. Gemina Rameau, Dr. Jean- Baptiste MSN, RN, APRN, CPNP, at East Pompano Pediatrics in Pompano Beach, FL can help parents and children understand both the condition and the treatments available.

ADHD Evaluations Q & A

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, usually called ADHD, causes major issues in areas like concentration, organization, and ability to focus. Children who have ADHD may seem to have issues with appropriate behavior or showing proper inhibition. While ADHD can happen in people of all ages, it is most often diagnosed during childhood years.

What Are the Types of ADHD?

There are three basic types of ADHD. In the first type, the child shows inattentiveness but does not demonstrate hyperactivity or impulsivity. In the second type of ADHD, the child shows hyperactivity and impulsivity but does not have any problem with paying attention in class or at home. Finally, the third type of ADHD includes symptoms from both of the first two. This child will usually demonstrate all three issues: Inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. The third type of ADHD is the most common type seen in children today.

What Are the Symptoms of ADHD in Kids?

Some symbols of inattention include: Being unable to focus in class, getting distracted during projects, not listening when others are speaking, memory problems, misplacing homework or possessions, and a lack of attention to details. Some symbols of hyperactivity include constant fidgeting, inability to simply relax, inability to play quietly, constant movement, excessive talking, and being quick to anger. Some symptoms of impulsivity include acting without thinking, speaking out of turn in class, interrupting conversations, and emotional outbursts.

How is ADHD Treated?

The treatment for ADHD is customized based on the young patient. Some patients respond very well to ADHD medication. This may be combined with behavioral therapy. Parents will need to be very involved in treatment, working closely with the doctor to assure that their child is able to get the relief they need from their ADHD symptoms. ADHD is treatable, it just requires the right doctor and a personalized approach.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At East Pompano Pediatrics, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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